Alex Auto Inc


Need service on your Acura?

Acuras are known for their build quality, reliability, performance driving feel and technological advancements. We can handle most of your Acura service needs including:

  • Engine and transmission repair and diagnosis.
  • Timing belt/water pump service.
  • Engine tune ups.
  • Fluid replacements.
  • Brakes and suspension repairs.
  • A/C and heating repairs.

Acura TIPS

Check Engine

Is your check engine light on? A common issue has been the accelerator pedal sensor failing on some models.


Does your battery drain overnight and you can't start your car? The Handsfree Link Control Unit may have gone bad and draining your battery even after the car is off.


Does your Acura make a loud whining noise when you start it up in the morning or while driving? It could mean your power steering pump is failing or the high pressure power steering hose leaking.


Is your Acura transmission shifting rough, slipping or setting a check engine light? Most likely the transmission will have to be replaced.