Alex Auto Inc


Need service on your ultimate driving machine?

BMWs are considered some of the best driving cars on the road and are appreciated all over the world for their world class engines and renowned handling. We provide most BMW repair services including:

  • Engine and transmission repair and diagnosis.
  • Engine tune ups.
  • Fluid replacements.
  • Brakes and suspension repairs.
  • A/C and heating repairs.
  • Coding and software updates.


Motor Oil

Make sure to replace your engine oil every 5,000-6,000 miles using a high quality synthetic oil, this will prevent further problems down the road while keeping your BMW running in tip top shape.

Motor Oil

It is a very healthy practice to check your engine oil level every 1 to 2 weeks or every time you fill up your gas tank, some BMW models tend to consume oil which can damage the motor if left unchecked.

Original Parts

When performing regular maintenance, it is best to use original quality parts to make sure your BMW is performing at its peak and preventing doing the same repair twice later down the road.

Check Engine

Notice your check engine light flashing or your engine temperature gauge above the middle mark? Take your vehicle in for service right away as further driving can exacerbate the problem leading to much costlier repairs.