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Need service on your Infiniti?

Infinitis are regarded as some of the best performing japanese cars on the market today, the mix of driving feel, styling and overall quality make them very popular with buyers. We can service most of your Infiniti's needs including:

  • Engine and transmission repair and diagnosis.
  • Engine tune ups.
  • Fluid replacements.
  • Brakes and suspension repairs.
  • A/C and heating repairs.
  • Emission repairs.

Infiniti TIPS


Is your car running rough or cutting out? This may mean your camshaft and/or crankshaft sensor need to be replaced.

Fuel Gauge

Did your Infiniti run out of gas without you knowing? It is common for either the instrument cluster or fuel level sensor to fail.

Check Engine

Is your engine idling higher than usual and setting a check engine light? It is possible your Infiniti may need a new throttle body or a simple idle relearn procedure.


Do you smell a burning smell while driving? This could mean your valve cover gaskets are leaking oil onto the hot exhaust manifold and getting into your cabin.