Alex Auto Inc


Need service on your Lexus?

Lexus is world renowned for their build quality, reliability and smooth, comfortable ride. Let us take care of your Lexus, we offer most services including:

  • Engine and transmission repair and diagnosis.
  • Timing belt/water pump service.
  • Engine tune ups.
  • Fluid replacements.
  • Brakes and suspension repairs.
  • A/C and heating repairs.

Lexus TIPS

Check Engine

Is your Lexus setting a check engine light on the dash? Some models have problems with air intake leaks or a failing mass air flow sensor.


Are you seeing pinkish color residue in your engine bay? This may mean your Lexus has developed an antifreeze leak somewhere, most commonly the water pump.


Does your Lexus have problems passing the annual emission inspection? It is most likely an evaporation control problem (EVAP), this could mean you need a new gas cap, charcoal filter canister or other sensor.


Do you notice a burning smell inside your car while driving? A common issue is the engine valve cover gaskets begin to leak onto the hot exhaust and causing the smell to enter your cabin.