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Need service on your VW?

Volkswagen is known for their luxury feel, quality and value. They are some of the best driving and affordable vehicles and thus are very popular with many buyers just entering the luxury market. Some of our services that we provide are:

  • Timing belt/water pump service.
  • Engine tune ups.
  • Fluid replacements.
  • Brakes and suspension repairs.
  • A/C and heating repairs.
  • And many more.


Fuel Pump

Does your VW have trouble starting? It is fairly common for some models to have a fuel pump failure which will cause the engine to crank but not start.

Check Engine

Many VW models are prone to vacuum leaks or secondary air injection leaks due to aging hoses or lines, if you are seeing a check engine light on your dash or your VW is running rough get the codes checked and perform a smoke test (to check for air leaks) if necessary.


Some VW models still incorporate a timing belt which must be replaced every 80-100k miles, failure to do so can cause severe engine damage leading to an entire engine replacement. Make sure you stay on top of this very important maintenance item!


Is your VW running rough and getting bad gas mileage? It has been common for the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) to fail on some models.